John Carpenter Heads Back to Filmmaking with a TV Series He Remotely Directs

During the Texas Frightmare Weekend, the famous horror director John Carpenter said that he directed the TV show “Suburban Screams” from his home in Los Angeles, even though he wasn’t there in person.

Carpenter expressed his excitement about the show, which was filmed in Prague.

Carpenter said, “I just finished remotely directing a TV show called “Suburban Screams,” which was called “John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams.” “They shot it in Prague, and I ran the show from my couch. It was really cool.”

Carpenter’s last movie, “The Ward,” came out in 2010. This is his first movie as a director in more than five years. In 2017, he also put out a number of remake music videos, including ones for “Escape from New York” and “Christine.”

During a panel, Carpenter brought up the idea of making a sequel to his famous sci-fi horror movie “The Thing.” He said that he was sworn to silence, but he also said that there could be a “Thing 2.” “The Thing” was first shown in 1982, and it was redone in 2011.

Carpenter also talked about how he felt about remakes of his movies in general. He told the difference between remakes, where he wrote the original material, for which he gets paid, and those where the company gave him the material and did not pay him.

He said that he liked sequels where he wrote the script and was paid for it, so that other people could make their own versions while his original film still stood.

Carpenter said that he doesn’t care much about the legacy of the “Halloween” franchise, which began with his 1978 picture. He said that his favorite “Halloween” movie is the one he directed in 1978, and that other people’s ideas are better than his.