John Mayer May Have Just Confirmed That the Song ‘Paper Doll’ Is About Taylor Swift

Fans have long thought that Taylor Swift is the target of John Mayer’s diss song “Paper Doll,” and now Mayer himself seems to have confirmed that it is.

Mayer and Swift dated for a short time between 2009 and 2010. Swift was 19 at the time, and Mayer was 32.

When Paper Doll came out in 2013, listeners quickly picked up on the many references to Taylor Swift. For example, “You’re like 22 girls in one” might be a reference to Swift’s song “22,” and “fold a scarf, Moroccan red” might be a reference to Swift’s song “Moroccan red.”

On the other hand, Mayer never said who the song was about until now.

Mayer said at a recent show that the song is about an ex-girlfriend who is being “bitchy.” He also told the audience that he tries to avoid making “pissed off” statements in his music. This may have been a dig at Swift, who is known for writing about her ex-boyfriends, including Mayer.

After they broke up, Swift put out a song called “Dear John,” which many people think is about Mayer.

In addition to having his name in the song’s title, the line “Don’t you think nineteen is too young” refers to Swift’s age when they were dating.

Mayer wasn’t happy at the time that Swift had written about him in the song. He told Rolling Stone that the lyrics made him feel “humiliated.”

We also can’t ignore the fact that Mayer is finally talking about the song at a very interesting time. Swift just broke up with her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and the news is all about her right now.

Since Swift is on tour right now and is rumored to be re-recording her Speak Now album, which has the song “Dear John” on it, Mayer should be careful, or he might get a very public clapback.