John Travolta to Date Again After Kelly Preston’s Death Despite ‘Vow of Celibacy’

Three years after the death of his beloved wife, Kelly Preston, John Travolta is said to be ready to date again.

Radar Online says that the star of Pulp Fiction knows that the star of Jerry Maguire would never want him to be alone for the rest of his life.

So, he has chosen to start dating again because his life has gotten especially hard since he lost his friend Kirstie Alley in 2022, just two years after losing his wife.

The actor made the choice after close family members and friends kept telling him that he should move on and that Preston would have wanted the same for him.

“It’s a burden he can’t continue to bear, and he knows it,” a source said. “He knows that life is too short for remorse and constant anguish — especially after the death of his good friend Kirstie Alley.”

After Preston died, Travolta knew he would never be able to love anyone else again. The thought that he would see her again in the future gave him some comfort.

A source said that Travolta was determined to move on with someone else because he used to think that dating someone else would hurt Preston.

But his friends and family told him that his loved ones, including his late wife, would hate to see him suffer and be alone.

“Kelly would have wanted to see him happy,” the person said. “It’s the single thought that’s driving him at this point — that and being strong and healthy and happy for his kids, Ella and Benjamin.”

“Being alone won’t help that! It’s hands off when it comes to dating. As far as he is concerned, Kelly will always be the only woman for him. It’s sad, but he’s essentially taken a vow of celibacy for the rest of his life. He simply can’t wrap his head around ever falling in love again. He says it would betray Kelly’s memory,” said the source.