Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian’s Friend, Is Suing Korean BBQ Sauce for $20 Million

Jonathan Cheban, who has been Kim Kardashian’s best friend for a long time and is known as “Foodgod,” has started a case against a Korean barbecue sauce company.

The foodie says he got cuts on his hand from a bottle of San-J’s Korean barbecue sauce that broke and cut him when it fell on the floor.

In his case, he wants a lot of money—$20 million—to make up for what he says happened to him.

Cheban says that he bought the sauce in October 2020 from a grocery store in Jacksonville, Florida, according to court papers.

After he got it home, he put it in his fridge. Later, he took it out to make dinner.

During this normal cooking task, something unusual happened. According to Cheban, the sauce bottle “inexplicably exploded,” leaving him with a big cut on his hand and a lot of blood loss.

Cheban also said that the cut was dangerously close to the major arteries in his wrist, which could make the situation even worse.

In the court papers, he has included photos of his stitched hand and a bottle whose cap, he says, still has the seal on it. This is to back up his claims.