Jonathan Majors Was Advised Against Suing His ‘Girlfriend’

After his alleged girlfriend recanted her assault statement, Jonathan Majors was urged not to pursue legal action.

The Marvel star’s lawyers argued that he was innocent and said that they were “gathering and presenting evidence” for prosecutors, such as video footage and witness testimony from the driver, with the hope that all charges would be dropped soon.

Even though the accuser is said to have changed her story, which led to criminal charges against the rising star being dropped, New York lawyer Frank Salzano says that “this legal matter may be far from over.”

The lawyer told Newsweek that Majors could sue the accuser for defamation for making a false public statement, but he would advise the actor not to do so.

Salzano went on to say, “These kinds of situations involving public figures are very complicated because, on the one hand, Majors’ inaction could be seen by the public as a tacit admission of some wrongdoing. On the other hand, Majors’ claim of defamation keeps this issue in the public eye for even longer.”

“If Majors were my client, I would tell him to ask the accuser to publicly apologize and then move on without filing a defamation lawsuit. Majors is a Hollywood star on the rise,” said the lawyer.

Earlier on Saturday, Majors was arrested in Chelsea, New York City, on two counts of third-degree assault, aggravated harassment, and attempted assault.

Prosecutors said the 33-year-old slapped the accuser, who they thought was his girlfriend, in a cab, “causing substantial pain and a laceration behind her ear,” and also put his hands on her neck, “causing bruising and substantial pain.”