Jordan Banjo Describes His Son Atreus’ Horrific Sepsis and Meningitis Fight

Jordan Banjo, who is a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, talked about the frightening moment when his baby son Atreus started to turn gray while he was in the hospital with sepsis and meningitis.

I’m a famous person. Let me go! Jordan Banjo, a star, and his wife, Naomi Courts, had their third child, Atreus, in April.

Jordan praised his wife for her quick thought and said, “I didn’t think that there would be anything serious when learned about the unwellness of Atreus.”

When Atreus went pale and floppy, he was taken to the hospital right away.

He was identified with meningitis, which is an inflammation of the spinal cord and brain that can also lead to sepsis, according to Mirror UK.

Jordan told Mailonline that he wasn’t ready for the horrifying scene at the hospital. He also said that nurses and doctors were running to save the child’s life.

He said, “He was completely grey, he’s got cables hanging off of him, cannulas in, then they start talking about sepsis and viral meningitis and it was a scary time.”

Jordan told people to always watch out for kids, saying, “It’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

Jordan and his wife Naomi have three kids together, one of whom is Atreus.

His oldest son, Cassius, is four years old, and his daughter, Mayowa, is three.