Jordyn Woods Set a Good Example for Others

Jordyn Woods showed the way for people who are going through hard times.

Kylie Jenner’s on-and-off best friend changed her whole life to get over the news about Tristan Thompson cheating.

Since the alleged affair, the 25-year-old influencer has focused on her health, lost weight, started her own clothes line, and found love with a handsome NBA player.

At the time, the model had been publicly ignored after rumors spread that she was involved in the cheating of Khloe Kardashian’s then-boyfriend and baby daddy. However, she recently got back together with her ex-best friend Kylie Jenner for the first time since they broke up.

When the Kardashian-Jenner family heard that Thompson had supposedly “hooked up” with Woods at a party, they stopped being friends with the reality TV star.

She changed her life after the news in February 2019 and cut herself off from her family. She started showing off her new look on social media.

In the same year, she lost about 30 pounds and told people about her tight diet and hard workouts.

From what she said on social media, Woods liked boxing-based workouts and pulling weights.

She even started her own exercise program, called FrstPlace, to encourage other people to get in shape and keep it up.