Josh Brolin and His Wife Have an Unusual Morning Routine

Josh Brolin and his wife, Kathryn Bond started their Monday in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in an unusual way. Paul Thomas Anderson, who directed Brolin’s movie “Inherent Vice,” told the couple about “cold plunging” and “high octave breathing,” which the couple tried. Bond, who was 35 at the time, didn’t seem too excited about the idea.

“Good morning, everybody. A beautiful morning in Santa Fe,” Brolin, who is 55 years old, wrote Monday on Instagram. “Today’s dip is in honor of Paul Thomas Anderson, who turned us on to cold plunging and high-octave breathing.” Brolin then turned the camera around to show Bond jumping into the cold bath while one of their girls played with a net.

Later, Brolin got right up close to Bond’s face. She put her hands over her face and turned off the camera. “This plunge brings out the real me,” Bond wrote in her own Instagram Story. The actor from Avengers: Endgame also shared a short film of Bond playing with their daughters, Chapel Grace, 2, and Westlyn Rain, 4. Brolin also has two children, Trevor and Eden, with his first wife, Alice Adair.

Celebrities and people on social media like to go cold swimming. Immersion in cold water means being submerged up to the neck in a pool of cold water for about five minutes. Dr. Dominic King of the Cleveland Clinic told Self that players have been using ice baths for decades. “The original thought was that when you get into a cold pool or a really cold shower after exercise, you can ease sore muscles pretty quickly and reduce your core body temperature. It can help with post-exercise recovery.”

Brolin doesn’t share many photos and videos from his personal life, but he sometimes gets very excited about his girls’ achievements. He put up a picture of Westlyn at her first dance performance earlier this month. She had on a pink dress with a bow that went with it. “So proud of my little girl on her first dance recital,” Brolin wrote, according to Today. Brolin also shared a picture of his father, the actor James Brolin, and Bond’s father holding their daughters. “Grandpa(s) love,” wrote Brolin.

In Dune: Part Two, Brolin will be back on the big screen as Gurney Halleck. The film comes out on Nov. 3. He is now in New Mexico, where the second season of the science fiction show Outer Range on Prime Video is being filmed. In 2009, Brolin was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Milk, and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe flicks, he played Thanos.