Journalist Behind Expose Says Phillip Schofield Affair Cover-Up Only Tip of the Iceberg

After it came out that Phillip Schofield, who used to be a co-host on This Morning, had an affair with a younger man, ITV, the network that shows the show, has been criticized.

The Mail says that ITV used an expensive lawyer to stop them from running a story in 2021 about how uncomfortable the cast and staff of This Morning were. The network said rumors that the show was a bad workplace were not true.

Even Schofield, who left the show after being a host for 20 years, spoke up for It’s This Morning. “This Morning IS the best show to work on, with the best people. In all the years I worked there, there was no toxicity.”

ITV said they had set up an outside investigation team to look into the claims, but The Mail says that the show’s culture is so toxic that some people have had to go to therapy.

Others have had to sign non-disclosure agreements after getting payoff packages to hide the truth about their workplace. One former employee said it was a “bullying and toxic blame culture.”

There have also been reports of sexism, which were taken seriously by women in higher positions who talked to their bosses about it. However, this did not change anything. According to Eamonn Holmes, who used to host the show, there have been rumors that many ITV bosses knew about Schofield’s affair with his much younger colleague and even helped him hide it.