Jung Chae-Yull, Who Starred in ‘Zombie Detective,’ Died at Age 26

On April 11, Korean model and actress Jung Chae-yull, best known for her role in Zombie Detective, passed away. She was26.

Her agency, Management S, confirmed that she had died, but they did not say how she had died.

“Please wish for Jung Chae-yull, who had always been earnest in her pursuit of acting, to rest in peace in a warm place,” the statement reads, according to a translation by the entertainment website Soompi.

The agency also asked people not to make any assumptions about Jung’s death.

Jung was in the middle of making Wedding Impossible, a TV show based on a popular web novel of the same name. Soompi says that when they heard about her death, the film crew stopped shooting right away.

Jung’s first job as a model was on Devil’s Runway, a 2016 reality survival show. She made her debut in acting with the 2018 movie Deep.

She was also in the TV shows Zombie Detective and I Have Not Done My Best.