K-Pop Group Fifty Fifty’s Company Files Charges Against Its Former CEO

The firm that manages the K-pop group Fifty Fifty ATTRAKT said that they have filed criminal charges against their former co-CEO Ahn Sung Il. He is the leader of a group that makes creative material called The Givers.

They also said that, in addition to him, they had brought charges for breach of duty, fraud, and blocking business against three other people. They said the following about the ex-CEO:

“Committing acts of fraud and obstruction of business including delaying the handover of work, deleting company email accounts, and deleting material related to past projects. Furthermore, in the process of purchasing the song ‘Cupid’ from a foreign songwriter, The Givers did not provide ATTRAKT with information about the copyright purchase, and they secretly purchased the copyright in their or their company’s name without our knowledge.”

They also said that they think the people may have also done other crimes. “We may file additional criminal complaints as well,” he said.

They had said before that they were going to sue a third party who was pressuring the group members to break their contracts with the agency.

“Through slanderous accusations against us and glorified flattery about themselves, these external forces are committing an illegal act of inducing our agency’s artists to make the wrong decision to ignore their valid exclusive contracts and sign contracts with them.”