K-Pop Group Itzy’s Ryujin Comments About Her Experience Recording With BTS

Before she became a star, Ryujin from the K-pop group Itzy was asked what it was like to work with BTS. Ryujin was able to join Jimin and J-Hope in the Love Yourself Highlight Reel.

She said the two members had been very nice to her, making the experience unique and pleasant. “They were really kind to me. I was really thankful for that because I was a trainee at the time.”

She also said, “It was a great memory for me.”

It’s important to remember that Ryujin isn’t the only member of Itzy who has worked with BTS. Yuna, who is the band’s youngest member, also got to work with them on one of their MVs, which was a great chance.

The group is getting ready to release Kill My Doubt, which will be their next album. They’ve been putting out teasers that show they’re going for a more edgy theme. This will be their first Korean comeback since Cheshire came out. Cheshire had a unique idea, but fans had different feelings about it.

Before Cheshire, their comeback song was Sneakers, which fans hated a lot and was criticized for having simple words.