Kanye West Will Not Be Charged for Throwing Photographer’s Cellphone

TMZ reported on Wednesday that Kanye West is not expected to be charged in a violence probe related to a January incident in which he allegedly threw a woman’s phone into the street as she followed him. The woman, identified by TMZ as a “female paparazzo,” declined to seek charges against West, who reportedly noticed he was being followed on his way to his daughter North’s basketball game. A witness took a picture of him as he walked up to the woman in her car and told her, “You didn’t have to run up on me like that. If I tell you to stop, put your cameras away!” In the video, a woman can be seen holding up her phone to him and telling him, “You’re a celebrity!” Then, it looks like West reaches inside her car, grabs her phone, and throws it away. The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office says that only the $30 case of the phone was broken in the fall.