Kate Middleton Attends the Foundling Museum While Wearing a Feminine Pink Ensemble

When Kate Middleton went to The Foundling Museum, The Princess of Wales wore a pink outfit that made her look wonderful. The 41-year-old woman wore a three-piece Alexander McQueen suit with pearl-detailed white earrings and a matching white belt.

She was radiant when she visited with former foster youth and their foster parents and caregivers who wanted to talk about their experiences.

As she met up with the care leavers that the group will help, a protester came into view holding a sign that said “Monarchy is child abuse.”

But the Princess looked more at ease than ever as she smiled at the staff outside the museum. She was with Professor Green, who was also a Shaping Us winner.

Her Early Years project has been going on for a long time. It looks at how a child starts to develop and then how they grow up.

She went for a neutral makeup look with a light dusting of blush and a swipe of eyeliner on her lids. Her hair was done in the way she always does it for this event.

She has worn this suit more than once before, like when she went to the Royal Institute last year.