Kate Middleton Continues to Do Royal Tasks

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton went to an event to celebrate the reopening of the National Portrait Gallery. This was part of her royal tasks.

Kate Middleton got to see the cultural treasure two days before it reopened to the public because she is a patron of it.

Royal expert Richard Palmer tweeted a video of Kate Middleton arriving at the venue and said, “The Princess of Wales is reopening the National Portrait Gallery in London this morning after a three-year refurbishment.”

“Among the guests at the gallery today is Sir Paul McCartney, who has an exhibition opening shortly.”

“On the gallery’s forecourt, Kate met Jamie Fobert, Project Architect, and award- winning artist Tracey Emin, who was commissioned to create an artwork for the gallery’s new doors, incorporating 45 carved brass panels, representing ‘every woman, throughout time,’” the royal expert said.

Later, the Princess of Wales also went on Twitter and posted a video with the statement, “A sneak peek inside the refreshed and reopened National Portrait Gallery.”