Kate Middleton Raged Over Prince William’s Silence

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ relationship are broken beyond repair because of Prince Harry’s book.

Just the fact that Kate was mentioned in Harry’s book set off fights between her and Prince William behind closed doors.

Radar found out about this, and according to what they found, “Kate thought William should stand up for her more.

A person with close ties to the Royal Family said that this decision was made because “William and the palace thought it was best to say nothing.”

After what Tom Quinn said, these admissions don’t come as a surprise.

For people who didn’t know, the author wrote about the Cambridge family’s fights over the years.

Based on what he found, someone at the palace told me what they call each other. But not everything is sweet. They fight very badly and throw things at each other.”

“Kate and William might seem like very calm people. But it’s not always true. Because William and Kate are always surrounded by [palace staff], this is their biggest source of stress. It reminds me of a Jane Austen book.”