Kate Middleton Wears a ‘Large Hat’ After Being Teased for ‘Dumb Little Hat’

Kate Middleton’s red hat at the Royal Ascot made me think of a story from 2020 in which she was criticized for ignoring Meghan Markle at the Duchess of Sussex’s last official event as a senior royal family member.

The piece’s headline, “Imagine Being Rude in This Dumb Little Hat,” was criticized by hundreds of royal fans.

People say that Meghan Markle wrote the piece that said bad things about Kate Middleton.

A royal expert went on to say that Meghan gave bullet points for the report, which was written in a way that made Kate look bad.

The writer who wrote the article making fun of Kate’s “little hat” was also said to dislike the Princess of Wales very much.

The expert said that the future Queen consort’s sister-in-law’s wife, who is married to Prince Harry, complained about her sister-in-law often to the editors of the website that published the negative story about the future Queen consort.

Emily HRH’s claims could not be independently confirmed. However, in their Netflix documentary, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed that Kate and Prince William were a big reason they decided to step down from their royal duties.

But neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle has said anything directly about the Princess of Wales when they’ve been in the media, even though the Duke of Sussex has been harsh on his own brother William in his book Spare, which came out earlier this year.