Katy Perry Addresses the Mockers Who Made Fun of Her Coronation Video

People on social media made fun of Katy Perry after her “seat search” video from Westminster Abbey went popular on Saturday. Katy Perry was at King Charles III’s coronation.

In the film, the pop star can be seen craning her neck to look around the chapel and asking other guests, “Is that seat free?”

People on social media were quick to make fun of the singer for looking like she didn’t know what she was doing. One joked that she “can’t see over her bloody hat.”

The Roar singer was made fun of on social media but didn’t take it lying down. Instead, she replied with a sassy tweet that said, “don’t worry guys i found my seat.”

The singer, along with Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, and a British musical trio, will be the star of the coronation event at Windsor Castle.

The singer had another problem when she stumbled while waving her arms and almost fell outside Westminster Abbey after the coronation. She needed help from someone close to keep herself from falling. Even though she made a mistake, Katy Perry is ready to wow fans at the gig.