Keanu Reeves Recounts Being Told to Change His Name Early in His Career

Keanu Reeves, who is getting a lot of praise for his new movie John Wick: Chapter 4, which came out on March 24, thought back to when he first started acting and was told to change his name.

During the press tour for his film, The Matrix, the actor reflected on the past, and in a recent appearance on the podcast SmartLess, he recalled what it was like when he began acting in the mid-1980s.

Reeves said that his agents at the time told him that his name was “too ethnic” and that he should change it.

“When I was 20, I got my first car, and I drove to Hollywood. When I got here, they had to change my name, of course. “Keanu, that’s too ethnic,” they said,” he said.

“I remember I had driven across the country, and they told me,” Reeves said. “I was driving up and down the beach in Santa Monica, going, ‘What the expletive?’” He was pretty upset by the comment.

The star of “Point Break” and “Constantine” said he tried a different name that was “Keanu Charles,” which was the initials of his first and middle names.

Reeves told me, “I said, “Okay, so what am I going to be called?” I thought, “Templeton?” So, in the end, I used my first and middle initials, making my name Casey Reeves. Oh, my god.”

But the Canadian star said he couldn’t work with the name because he didn’t even answer it when he was auditioning.

“But then I had auditions, and they’d say, “Casey?” and I wouldn’t even look up. I returned to my agents and told them, “I can’t change my name.” “told him or her.

“In one of the first plays I ever did, I was John Procter, and one of the lines was, ‘Because it’s my name, and I can’t have any other,’” he said.