Keanu Reeves’ Top Four Movies Include Al Pacino Classics

John Wick: Chapter 4, a highly anticipated film starring Keanu Reeves, debuted in theaters on March 24.

During the promotional tour for his most recent action film, Reeves, 58, candidly revealed his four all-time favorite Hollywood films.

The Matrix actor stated, “My top four films are… I’m not sure. I’ll focus on those that were influential in the past.”

David Lynch’s Eraserhead was his first choice. The film Lynch’s first is about a man who experiences a personal crisis as he considers becoming a dad.

The Star Wars series was Reeves’s second choice as one of his primary inspirations. The Speed actor then revealed his picks, which included two of Al Pacino’s all-time classics; The Godfather film series – the story of Michael Corleone’s rise to power; and The Godfather: Part III (Al Pacino)

Reeves, who co-starred with Pacino in Devil’s Advocate, stated, “I knew that by working with [him], I could only improve my game.”

“We work in completely different ways, but our relationship was fantastic for me,” he said. “I had some of the best times of my life with him.”

Reeves’ last choice was the 1973 film, Serpico.

On Monday, March 20, at the Los Angeles premiere of the film John Wick, Keanu Reeves gave a heartfelt tribute to his late co-star Lance Reddick.

Reddick passed away just days before the release of John Wick 4.