Keeley Hazell Writes New Ted Lasso Episode from Leaked Sex Tape

Ted Lasso star Keeley Hazell used her leaked sex tape as the basis for a new show episode. A tape of the former model and her boyfriend was put on the internet, which caused her a lot of stress.

The Mail says that Keely, who plays Bex on the show, helped write the episode that aired last week and was about a leaked sex tape. In the episode, Juno Temple’s character, Keely Jones, is shocked to discover that a movie she made for an old boyfriend ended up on the internet.

Then, at the end of the show, the AFC Richmond members talk about the tape. They feel bad for Keely and decide not to watch the video.

“It was written as an empowering storyline, and Keeley Hazell was very passionate about ensuring that it was presented properly,” a source said. “It is wonderful that all of these years later, she was able to use her torrid experience for some good and to shine a light on the issue which can be so devastating for so many people.”