Kentucky GOP Passes Gender-Affirming Care Ban for Trans Kids

On Thursday, the Republican-led Kentucky legislature passed a bill that bans gender-affirming care for transgender teens. The bill was sent to Governor Andy Beshear before a deadline that would have made it impossible to override his likely veto. The fast-tracked law is a variant of a previous House plan that battled and stuck in the Senate earlier in the week. On Wednesday night, the bill appeared to be on its way to oblivion. Then, on Thursday, it sailed out of committee and was approved by both chambers within hours. In addition to prohibiting gender-affirming treatment for children, the revised legislation permits educators to misgender their kids, compels school districts to establish bathroom restrictions based on biological sex, and prohibits classroom discussion of LGBTQ+ concerns. State Senator Karen Berg stated, “This is obviously deliberate hatred for a small number of the weakest and most vulnerable members of society” (D). As it proceeded through the Senate, the gallery was filled with screams of “murderer,” “you’re all pieces of s***,” and “your god will not forgive you.”