Kenyan Police Discover 47 Corpses on Cult Pastor’s Property

Pastor and alleged cult leader Paul Makenzie Nthenge was arrested last month after he allegedly ordered his followers to starve to death. Since then, 47 dead have been discovered on his property in eastern Kenya.

The number of victims, say investigators, may be much higher than initially thought. According to a source who spoke anonymously to Agence France-Presse, “We have not even scratched the surface,” suggesting that additional remains will be recovered by the end of the investigation. People told the police about Nthenge’s Good News International Church. When the police went there, they found 15 very thin people and said they were starving themselves to meet Jesus, as told by the leader. Four later died. Since Friday, local officials have been digging on Makenzi’s farm. They were told that there were dozens of graves for victims all over the property.

Nthenge had been detained twice this year already, in January and February, both times for suspected involvement in the deaths of minors. He was let out on bond each time because the court cases were still going on.