Kesha Reveals the Album’s Disturbing Cover Image and Release Date

Kesha recently shared on social media the disturbing cover art for her new album Gag Order and the official release date.

The TikTok singer went on Instagram on Tuesday and shared a picture of the cover of her new album, which was a literal translation of the name of the album.

In a picture, the singer was seen with a plastic grocery bag on top of her head.

Kesha wrote in the post: “Gag Order. The Album. May 19.”

The singer also wrote “Eat the Acid, Fine Line… April 28” to show when the first songs from the album would be out.

After her post, many of her friends and followers told her how much they loved her.

Gag Order will be Kesha’s fifth studio album. It comes after High Road, which will be released in 2020.

According to Independent, the album title seemed to reference Kesha’s ongoing legal fight with her former record producer, Dr. Luke.

The Grammy winner is also being sued for slander over a text she sent to Lady Gaga in which she said that Dr. Luke had raped Katy Perry.

It is said that Perry denied that these things happened.

The new trial date is July 26, and Dr. Luke has to show that Kesha sent the text message to him with bad intentions.