Kevin Federline to Exploit Singer by Taking Kids to Hawaii

Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’s ex-husband, has been accused of taking their kids to Hawaii so that Britney Spears will pay him more child support.

Since it came out that the Toxic hitmaker’s former backup dancer is moving to Hawaii with Sean Preston and Jayden, her fans have been coming up with ideas.

K-Fed said that the star didn’t answer when he asked her for permission for the kids to move. However, Spears’ lawyer later shot down K-Fed’s claims.

Not only did the “Princess of Pop” approve the boys’ move, but their lawyer said that Spears has always backed them and only wants them to be happy.

According to Daily Mail, a friend of the star wrote on Twitter, “He’s doing this because the courts can force her to pay child support up to the age of 23 in Hawaii.”

“Kevin desperately wanting to move to Hawaii is definitely child support related,” wrote another user.

Federline and his wife are also being sued by Jordan and Peyton’s school because they have not paid their $15,593 school fees.

A friend said this about Federline’s lawsuit: “Kevin Federline gets sued for not paying for the education of his kids and then decides to move to Hawaii where he can apply to get child support until Britney’s boys are 23.”

One person said, “It’s painfully clear that Britney is still trapped, and will be as long as so many people depend on her money,” while another said, “He’s using her to make money.”