Kevin Spacey Hopes to Act Again After Sexual Assault Trial

Kevin Spacey, a 63-year-old actor who is being tried for sexual assault in the U.K., is hopeful that he will be able to go back to acting once his trial is over.

Spacey said that some directors and producers want to work with him after he is found not guilty, even though some people are worried about backing him.

In an interview with ZEITmagazine, Spacey talked about how people are afraid to publicly support him. But he is still sure that people are ready to hire him as soon as the charges against him in London are dropped. He said, “The second that happens, they’re ready to move forward.”

Spacey pleaded not guilty to seven charges of sexual assault, including accusations that he attacked three men while he was the artistic director of London’s Old Vic theater from 2004 to 2015. He was facing a total of 12 charges, and last year, more sexual abuse claims were made against him.

Spacey didn’t talk about the specific charges during the interview, but he did say that he didn’t want revenge and that he didn’t think his story should be used in other movies. He said, “I have no interest in fighting something that’s not worth fighting against.”

Spacey is sure that he will be cleared, saying that such claims fall apart when they are looked at closely. He talked about Anthony Rapp’s previous trial, where he was found not guilty of attack after a three-week trial for sexual abuse in October of last year.

Even though he was having problems at work, Spacey compared his current position to the beginning of his career, when he didn’t have many chances. His acting career has not, however, come to a total stop. He has parts in the Italian movie The Man Who Drew God, the documentary Once Upon a Time in Croatia, and an upcoming independent movie called Control. He didn’t want his skills to get worse, so he said, “Just because I was being benched for a while, I’m not going to stop working. I don’t want to get rusty. I’m ready.”

When he thought about his fame, Spacey said that it changed how he saw the people around him. He understood that he didn’t see them for who they were, but for what they wanted from him, like an autograph or a selfie. He said, “There’s no school you can go to learn how to handle being famous.” Even though he said he tried not to act badly, he admitted that, in some ways, he had been “an asshole.”