Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Enjoyed Met Gala 2023

After they broke up, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were able to spend some special time together as friends at the Met Gala 2023.

At the fashion extravaganza, the reality TV star and the comic were photographed with singer Usher. It was the first time they were seen together since they broke up in August 2022.

US Weekly says that the A-list exes’ short meeting wasn’t awkward because they’ve been handling their split well.

The source said, “Pete and Kim have a lot of history between them, so it was nice running into each other at the Met Gala and catching up for a bit. He’s glad they’re both very mature and handled the breakup like adults.” Adding that their friendly relationship since the breakup “makes things easier” for them.

The news source also hinted that the Met Gala meeting wouldn’t be the last time Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson would see each other. Fans of the pair can expect to see more of these kinds of get-togethers in the future.

“It’s likely the Met won’t be the last time they’re in the same room together,” the source said.

In the picture that went viral from the New York fashion show, Kardashian was talking to Usher while Davidson was happy.