Kim Seolhyun’s Everyday Routine: ‘I Try Different Things Because They’re Fun

Kim Seolhyun’s MBC Variety Show I Live Alone gave viewers an inside look at her daily routine with her pet dog Dungchi.

In the broadcast, Seolhyun was shown starting her day with a cup of coffee and a sandwich. The actress sat on the sofa and flicked through her favourite reels.

She then continued on with her day, strolling her dog on the terrace. The singer demonstrated her abilities by exercising and performing pull-ups, as well as briefing on her skin care routine, revealing her skincare secret of “drinking lots of water.”

While leaving, Seolhyun mentioned that she prefers to travel by bus or underground. The actress was observed heading to an indoor climbing gym, where she demonstrated her advanced-level talents, having previously climbed in Bali, Jeju, and Gangwon.

Finally, the actress discussed how she organises her ideas, saying, “I try many different things because they’re fun, get obsessed with them, and enjoy that process.”

Kim Seolhyun is set to appear in Disney+’s upcoming original series Lighting Shop, which is expected to premiere in 2024.