Korean Pop Singer Jessi Discusses the Prospect of Hosting a Dating Show

Jessi, a K-pop solo artist, sat down with Dumbfoundead for an interview on his podcast Fun With Dumb. During the interview, she talked about the chance of doing a dating show. She also talked about her love life and whether or not she wants a family.

She said that she has been in a few long-term relationships and is now looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage. “Now I’m in a place where I’m looking for love. If I meet a guy, I’m actually going to try and marry this person rather than just have a little fling with them.”

When the idea of her doing a dating show came up, she said that Netflix had offered her a show, but she wasn’t sure because she had already done so many reality shows.

“Somebody wants to do, like, a Netflix series with me, and I actually— I’m not really a big fan of doing all of those reality TV shows because I’ve done a lot.”

She doesn’t like the idea but isn’t totally against it either. “But I was like, somebody needs to do like a ‘Finding Jessi Love” type of show. That would be cool because— remember back in the day like Tila Tequila… Flava Flav? That was my favorite show. But I mean, obviously that sh*t is fake at the end because nobody really ends up together, but, who knows…”