Korean Star Choi Sung-Bong Found Dead at Seoul House, Police Suspect Suicide

Choi Sung-bong, a singer from Korea, killed himself at the age of 33.

Choi became famous after his performance on Korea’s Got Talent in 2011. On June 20, his body was found at his home in southern Seoul, according to The Korean Times.

The Seoul police thought he killed himself because he put a sad note on his YouTube account the day before he died.

The note said, “I sincerely apologize to all who suffered from my foolish mistake.” It also said that all of the gifts were given back.

For those who don’t know, the singer got a lot of attention in 2011 for his act on Korea’s Got Talent. His performance video on YouTube went popular, and other K-pop stars, like BoA and Jung-Hwa, liked what he did on social media.

Not only that, but American pop star Justin Bieber also praised Choi. He wrote on his Facebook page, “This is awesome. Never say never, and good luck to this kid. Great story.”

The news source said that the singer also signed a record deal with the Korean company Bong Bong Company and wrote a best-selling book about his life.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Choi was from a poor family and had dropped out of school because he couldn’t pay the fees.

Choi worked as a day laborer for many years before he got a big break in 2011.

But in 2021, Choi started a campaign to raise money by saying he had various types of cancer and needed money for treatment.

Later, though, news sources said that it was “a hoax.”