KPop Group Fifty Fifty Has Been Accused of Plagiarism

The K-pop girl duo Fifty Fifty has been accused of plagiarizing their song “Cupid.” Plagiarism charges have been brought against them by a Turkish musician by the name of Evrencan Gündüz.

He posted a clip on Instagram on April 26 that starts with Cupid playing and then changes to his own song, “Sen Aşkmzdan,” which came out in 2017.

In the description, he wrote, “Fifty Fifty released a great song. Let’s listen together. But it looks familiar from somewhere…”

When a media agency asked the group’s agency, Attrakt, about the claims, they said, “We are currently trying to confirm with the song’s producers.”

Since the song’s makers don’t live in Korea, the agency won’t be able to answer until they can get in touch with them.