Lana Del Rey Has Made It to the Italy Festival on Time After Her Glastonbury Delay

Lana Del Rey seems to have learned from her mistake at Glastonbury because she was on time for the La Prima Estate music event in Italy.

She probably didn’t want a repeat of the awkward situation that happened at Glastonbury when she was thirty minutes late, and her mic was turned off because she ran out of time.

She didn’t care about the trouble at the last event. Instead, she wore a pretty peplum dress and sang for her fans in Lido di Camaiore. Her hair was clipped back so the strands wouldn’t get in her face while performing.

This time, the singer said that her hair was the reason she was late to the Glastonbury show. It’s not clear how long it took her to style her hair, though. One Italian fan wrote: “Her appearance at the concert couldn’t have been better timed.”

“Lana Del Rey Has Arrived On Time At Her Italy Show! It is her first time to do so since she started touring.” Another said, “Lana Del Rey performing bartender at tonight’s Italy show (she’s on time).”