‘Larger Wedding’ for Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin in California

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin are now married, but they are still having a party.

The couple got married in a small ceremony in Hungary on July 15, 2023. They told Vogue Magazine about their plans for a second wedding.

The beauty, who is 29 years old, said that her and her husband’s wedding in Hungary was a small, “intimate” affair. They are now planning a bigger wedding for the fall in California.

She told the outlet, “[This past weekend] was supposed to be an intimate event. But we ended up having 115 guests, because there are a lot of people we care about and we wanted them all to be there.”

The former Victoria’s Secret model and the star of “Beautiful Disaster” said their vows in the same church in Albertirsa where Barbara’s parents got married 34 years ago.

The model said that both she and her new husband got a little emotional during the service.

“All the people we love and care for were there. We all cried a little.” She went on, “The weather was perfect with a little cool breeze. It was a beautiful moment that we will never forget.”

Dylan asked her to marry him in September 2022. He added, “We were filled with excitement!”

He also said that he was nervous right before going down the aisle. “We were nervous, but as soon as we laid eyes on each other we just started laughing, and this calmed our nerves. Of course, we both ended up crying,” Dylan said.

The couple who had just gotten married had a second civil wedding on a small island in a reserve on Barbara’s parents’ land.

The beauty guessed about her wedding, “We’re excited to go back to L.A. to our pets and rest a bit—before we start planning the American wedding.”