Laura Anderson Packs Her Hospital Bag as Her Due Date Approaches

Laura Anderson, from Love Island, broke up with her ex-boyfriend Gary Lucy and told him she was pregnant in February. She is now getting ready to have her first child.

She recently said that she “panicked” before she got pregnant and that she was excited to be a mother for the first time.

In a recent story, The Mirror says, Laura talked about her worries about becoming a mother for the first time. Laura is expecting a girl.

Laura wrote in an article for OK! Magazine, “I still feel like my baby is going to come early – I don’t think I have two months’ worth of growth left in me.”

She said she was wrong about how far along she was in her pregnancy. She thought she was 33 weeks pregnant, but she was only 32 weeks along.

Laura said, “I keep my hospital bag packed and ready.”

She said, “What if I go into labor when I’m not at home and don’t have the bag?” This shows that she keeps worrying about going into labor.

She said she would bring straws with her because she had heard that she wouldn’t be able to hold her drink during labor. She also said that snacks are a must-have for labor.

Laura said that she feels like the baby in her tummy is a part of her.

In 2022, Laura met Gary Lucy on the show Celebs Go Dating. They dated for five months but broke up earlier this year.

She didn’t say for sure that Garry would be there, but she did say that her mother would be there.