Lawsuit Alleges Kanye West’s School Banned Black History Books, Fed Kids Sushi

Two former teachers at Donda Academy, Kanye West’s private Christian school, have filed a lawsuit against the troubled rapper, claiming that he forbade the reading of books about Black history and fed his students nothing but sushi.

One of the people suing West for wrongful termination and racial discrimination was Cecilia Haley. She said that West banned books like The Lost Boys of the Sudan, which is about the civil war in Sudan. Haley also said that the only food on campus was sushi. She told Page Six, “There was no breakfast.” “Every day, you let young kids eat raw sushi and cucumber rolls. Many of the kids didn’t like it, but it was the only thing they could do.”

The lawsuit also says that the school never hired a nurse or janitor, that chairs were not allowed on the property, and that employees were not allowed to hang artwork on the walls. TMZ says that West also told the kids they couldn’t use anything to eat with.