Lisa from Blackpink and V from BTS Get Together at Cannes

Blackpink’s Lisa and BTS’s V reconnected during Naomi Campbell’s birthday party in Cannes. They teamed together to become Celine’s global brand ambassadors.

Back in June 2022, Lisa, Taehyung, and the star Park Bo Gum all went to Paris as representatives for a Celine show. In April, when they went to a show in Korea, they also got back together.

The party was held on May 22 for supermodel Nomi Campbell’s birthday but also for a good cause. There was a sale at the event to raise money for EMERGE USA and Cancer Research UK.

Lisa was gorgeous in a pinstripe suit, and her long hair fell down over her shoulders. As they posed with Campbell, Taehyung wore a black outfit with silver accents that went well with his outfit.

Fans were thrilled to see the two global icons get back together, because heroes rarely talk to each other.

Since BTS is currently on vacation and the members are using this time to focus on their solo activities, Tahyung has been seen going to more events and shows by himself. Jin and J-Hope are now serving in the military as part of their required military training.