Lorraine Kelly Makes More Money Than ‘This Morning’ Star Holly Willoughby

In a shocking turn of events, Lorraine Kelly has made £2 million more than This Morning host Holly Willoughby. The properties of the second talk show host are now worth £4 million, while Holly’s are only worth £1.5 million.

In another setback, Holly didn’t win a TRIC Award for the first time in five years. However, her ITV co-hosts, Charlotte Hawkins and Susanna Reid, won awards.

Accounts that were filed on June 22 show that all of Lorraine’s company Albatel’s assets are worth about £4.2 million. After paying off all of its debts, the company is left with a net amount of £3.9 million.

The Sun says that among these assets, she has a bank account with £2.7 million and an investment fund worth a whopping £350,000. Also, the accounts that were filed with Companies House show that her business, which is growing quickly, made a very amazing £500,000.

Based on this knowledge, Lorraine has made more money than many of her ITV coworkers, including Holly Willoughby.