Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Apparently Not Living Together Despite Patchup

Machine Gun Megan Fox hasn’t been seen at Kelly’s house “at all” since they went to Hawaii to escape breakup rumors.

After the Jennifer’s Body star didn’t show up to his 33rd birthday party, there were more rumors that they had broken up. Insiders said the rapper has acted like a “single man.”

The artist, whose real name is Colson Baker, and his fiancee were living together, even though there were rumors that they were cheating until they went to Hawaii. After that, it was said that they were back together.

But now everyone knows that Fox no longer lives with Kelly, and many people say that the two have broken up.

Since before his birthday, Megan hasn’t been at the house at all. Before they went to Hawaii, they were living together even when people said they were cheating. They have lived in a few places, but when Kelly bought Logan Paul’s old house last year, they moved to Encino.

Megan didn’t attend his birthday party, which was shut down by the police, and she hasn’t been around since; they are currently on a hiatus.

The person went on to say, “Right now, he’s acting like a single man. There are always girls and guys at his house, and there are a lot of flashy cars outside, just like before he met Megan.”

When their relationship is good, he doesn’t have many people over, but lately, he’s been going out a lot and hanging out with people like Avril Lavigne’s ex-boyfriend ModSun.

According to an insider, Kelly has a brand-new Rolls Royce SUV and has a friend transport him around with girls and other friends.

Who knows what will occur next, but it appears there is still strife in paradise, and Megan has had enough.