Madonna’s Brother Anthony Ciccone Died of Cancer

Anthony Ciccone, Madonna’s oldest brother, died of many health problems, including cancer.

TMZ got a copy of Anthony’s death certificate, which said that he died from a combination of failing lungs and throat cancer.

The exact type is oropharyngeal cancer, which is often caused by smoking. The document says that Anthony’s death was partly caused by his smoking.

Anthony was getting care at a nursing home in Michigan when he died there in February. Madonna paid the bill. Anthony took out the tubes that helped him eat and breathe two days before he died, even though he knew it would be bad for him.

On the death certificate, Madonna’s name is written down. That was their mother’s first name. The doctor also says that Anthony has been burned up since then.

Remember that Anthony was said to be an alcoholic who lost his home because of it. He also had a hard time getting along with his famous younger sister.

Even though Anthony criticized Madonna and the rest of his family on the record, our sources say they always looked out for his best interests.