Maggie and Negan Spinoff Series ‘The Walking Dead Dead City’ Debuts June 18

Maggie and Negan will be in The Walking Dead: Dead City, a spin-off series that will come out soon. Since it was announced in 2022, the audience has given the show a lot of feedback.

The Walking Dead: Dead City will come out on June 18, 2023, and will run at a new time, 9/8c.

As the release date gets closer, trailers showing their trip through a post-apocalyptic New York are getting much attention online. The show is the fourth spin-off of The Walking Dead franchise. It is partly based on characters from Image Comics.

Eli Jorné’s Dead City shows more about how complicated Maggie and Negan’s friendship is. Even though they made peace in the main series, there is still anger, especially for Maggie, who is afraid of losing her son Hershel.

The show’s writers add twists to the story to make it interesting. Also, the horror parts of the series are made scarier by the spin-off. In recent appearances, both Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan said their characters in the spin-off are not friends. Cohan thinks that the show could have more than one season, based on how people react to it.

Gaius Charles, Željko Ivanek, and Logan Kim will play characters who will face Maggie and Negan. They will join Cohan and Morgan on the cast. Mahina Napoleon, Michael Anthony, Trey Santiago-Hudson, Jonathan Higginbotham, and Lisa Emery, who has a big link to Negan, are also in the cast.