Man Kills Someone at Dinner in Texas, Then Walks Back to His Date

Houston police say a man in Texas shot a “scammer” in the middle of a date and then went back to dinner as if nothing had happened.

The shocking killing is said to have happened on April 11 after a fake parking clerk tricked Erick Aguirre, 29, into giving him $40. Police say that Aguirre and his date drove to a restaurant in separate cars. The parking lot attendant charged $20 for each car and told Aguirre he would get the money back if he showed a ticket from dinner. When a restaurant employee informed Aguirre that he’d been deceived, cops say he stormed out of the establishment, grabbed a revolver from his truck, and shot the suspected scammer dead off his bike. Police say that after Aguirre shot the man, he went to dinner with his date and told her that he had only scared the guy.

Two days later, his date betrayed him by sending pictures to the police of the man’s outfit that night, which they reportedly matched with security footage and used to arrest Aguirre.