Manhattan Prosecutors Warn Trump of Imminent Indictment

According to Thursday’s New York Times report, the Manhattan district attorney’s office recently gave Donald Trump’s attorneys the clearest signal yet that it intends to indict the former president. This indication came in the guise of an offer for Trump to testify before a grand jury that is now reviewing evidence regarding his alleged role in a hush-money arrangement with a pornstar, according to four sources familiar with the case who spoke to the Times. He might deliver his evidence as early as next week if he wants.

According to the publication, such offers “nearly always” indicate an upcoming indictment. The Manhattan investigation had featured questioning at least six other individuals before the grand jury, the most recent of whom was Hope Hicks, a former senior assistant to Trump. If District Attorney Alvin Bragg ultimately decides to indict Trump, it will be the first time the former president has ever been charged with a crime, and it might derail his 2024 bid to return to the White House.