Margot Robbie Admits to Lying to Get Her Hands on Harry Potter-Style Glasses

Margot Robbie said on The Graham Norton Show that she is a big fan of Harry Potter. She wanted a pair of glasses like Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe’s so badly that she actually lied to her optician to get them.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star said, “When it comes to Harry Potter, I’m a massive, massive nerd.

Graham Norton, who hosts the show, even showed a picture of Margot Robbie when she was 12 or 13 years old. In the picture, she was smiling at the camera and holding a mug and a Harry Potter book.

Margot said, “Do you know what’s particularly pathetic about this picture? A couple things really. It’s my birthday. That’s how I chose to spend my birthday. Number two, I’m drinking tea. Number three, I’m wearing glasses, even though I don’t need glasses. I lied to the optometrist because I wanted to have glasses like Harry Potter.”

Before making it big in Hollywood with 2011’s The Wolf of Wall Street, the Australian actor started out on TV.

Margot also said that her husband, Tom Ackerly, was an extra in the movie series. She joked that if she had known that, she would have married him sooner.