Matt Damon Celebrates 20 Years with Luciana on Jimmy Fallon

On Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, Matt Damon gushed about meeting his future wife, Luciana Barroso Damon.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso have been married for 20 years as of their appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote Damon’s new film Air.

“It’s really weird. The movie Air is opening today, and we realized that Michael Jordan wore two numbers in his career, 45 and 23, and the date is 4/5/23,” he told Jimmy Fallon.”Isn’t that crazy?”

Then, with a chuckle, he continued by saying, “But what’s much more important is that it’s been 20 years since I met Lucy.”

While filming the comedy film “Stuck on You” in Miami Beach, Damon, and Lucy first became acquainted with one another. After that event, the two began dating the following year, in 2003. and officially became husband and wife in a small, intimate ceremony held in New York City in December 2005.