Mattel Execs Are Hesitant to Call the New‘Barbie’ Movie a Feminist Work

Even though the cast and crew of the Barbie movie have no problem calling it a feminist film, Mattel, the company that makes Barbie, seems reluctant to accept the feminist politics of the movie.

In a recent Time magazine cover story, the crew of Greta Gerwig’s film talked about the film’s feminist themes and how it looked at the societal significance of Barbie.

On the other hand, Robbie Brenner, the executive director of Mattel Films, has said that Barbie is not a feminist movie, and other unnamed Mattel executives have said the same thing.

Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie in the movie, asked, “Who said that?” when she heard these things.

“It’s not that it is or it isn’t. It’s a movie. It’s a movie that’s got so much in it… we’re in on the joke. This isn’t a Barbie puff piece.”

This comment is interesting based on what we’ve seen in the movie’s trailer and in the movie itself. In the movie, Mattel’s CEO is played in a funny way. The movie also takes into account the complaints and complexities of Barbie.

Given how much pink-themed Barbie goods there is and how recently Mattel has tried to expand the Barbie doll line, it’s hard to understand why Mattel would try to distance itself from the movie’s attempt to change Barbie’s place in popular culture.

Margot Robbie also said that Mattel’s choice to change the Barbie doll line was important, because if they hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been interested in making a movie about Barbie.

Robbie said, “If Mattel hadn’t made that change to have a multiplicity of Barbies, I don’t think I would have wanted to attempt to make a Barbie film.”