Maura Higgins Arrives on ‘Love Island’ in The USA

Maura Higgins, an Irish media personality, is the first UK star to move to the US version of Love Island. Bobby Holland Hanton has now revealed that they are dating, adding to the big news.

In the fifth part of the UK series, Maura, who is 31 years old, came in fourth. Now, the Love Island US Instagram page has announced that she will be the social media ambassador for the next season.

Bobby also posted a picture of him and Maura holding hands on his Instagram page, and it looks like Maura was wearing the same dress she wore in the show’s photoshoot, which was shared before the season starts on Tuesday.

As soon as the post went up, fans were all over the comments part telling how excited they were about the news.

In the picture Bobby shared, he shows off his wrist with a Rolex and a clip of him hanging out with Lisa Snowdon. This week, MailOnline reported that Bobby is the father of one child and that his ex-wife is happy about his new relationship.