Meghan King’s ‘Romantic’ Relationship with Her Attorney Deepens

Meghan King hired Andrew Felix to help her win the case against her ex-husband Jim Edmonds over custody of their children.

But it is said that she ended up falling in love with the lawyer.

The Blast said that, based on information from reliable sources, King has a close relationship with her lawyer as a way to keep nosy eyes away.

As King worked on her book, a bird told her that she and Felix were “getting very close” and that sparks were “definitely” flying between them. Still, they don’t step too hard on the road.

“It’s very new, but Andrew is just what she needs,” the snitch told PageSix.

“Their values are super aligned, and they care about the causes. It started as a business relationship, but it’s obviously turning into something more.” The couple was recently seen “galavanting around town” in New York City, where they showed off their closeness.

People who pay close attention also noticed that the Bravo alum talked about her secret man in a podcast in October.

The reality star told the Intimate Knowledge show, “I’m so mind-blown by this that right before I got on my plane to come back, I called him and said, ‘I don’t understand. Why is the sex so good? Is this about lust?” The sex was “so good” that she went to see the man, who she didn’t know, even though they lived in different states. She also thought she might have been “in love” with him.

King, on the other hand, has been married three times so far.