Meghan Markle Accused of Imitating Dior’s South Korean Model

A source at the fashion brand Dior has shot down rumors that Meghan Markle will become the new “face of the company” after signing a big deal with the company.

A source close to the French fashion house told the Telegraph that the team there didn’t know how the story started.

A representative for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also told Page Six Style that, contrary to what was said, Meghan does not have a “mega-bucks” deal in the works with Dior.

Critics of Meghan cheered the denial, and a picture of one of her recent photos was shared with the claim that she copied the top of South Korean K-pop singer Haerin, who was picked in April as the new face of Dior.

The 16-year-old South Korean girl became an ambassador for jewelry, fashion, and beauty for the French premium brand.

Fans of the royal family said that Meghan’s team spread reports that she was going to sign with Dior.

The rumors about Meghan’s lucrative Dior deal started when a prominent Beverly Hills socialite told the Mail on Sunday that the 41-year-old was going to “reinvent” her image by representing the expensive brand.

Last week, Spotify ended the second season of her Achetypes show and the $20 million deal with the Sussexes.