Meghan Markle May Soon Become the New Face of a French Fashion House

Meghan Markle is rumored to be going through a big “rebranding” in Hollywood, which could lead to a huge deal with a French fashion house.

A person close to Meghan and Harry says that the Duchess of Sussex is about to become the new face of a well-known brand. If the mother of two signs with Dior, she’ll be working with big names like Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna.

Angela Levin, a royal expert, said on Twitter, “If Meghan becomes Duchess Dior, she won’t want a moaner around her.” This was in response to news that Harry’s wife was getting a new job and moving.

Reports say that Meghan’s Hollywood team is working hard to change her image after Spotify cancelled the Sussexes’ Archetypes show, which could cost the Duchess £18 million.

Meghan’s likely new deal could help make up for the money she lost when she lost her show. A brand expert says that Meghan could make millions and quickly become the most well-paid celebrity in the world.

A person who works for Spotify told Variety that the couple was fired because they had only made one show in three years.

Nick Ede, an expert on brands, told MailOnline, however, that Meghan could soon come back stronger than ever. Eke said that there was talk of a design deal with Dior.