Meghan Markle on Her Way to Join Johnny Depp, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lawrence After Being Dropped by Spotify

Meghan Markle is rumored to be close to signing a deal with a French fashion house. If she does, she will join stars like Johnny Depp, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lawrence as the face of the business.

The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t seem to give up on her goals, as she plans to become a megastar after signing a deal with Dior. This is after she was fired from the music streaming service Spotify.

If the former star of “Suits” does sign with the brand, she could make as much as Depp did when he was paid £15 million to keep being the face of its Sauvage men’s fragrance.

Since the Duchess has liked the designer’s clothes for years, it wouldn’t be surprising if she signed with him. Two years ago, she went to a Global Citizen event in New York with a monogrammed version of the famous Lady Dior bag.

The mother of two could come back stronger than ever after making the deal. Meghan is on her way to becoming the most paid celebrity in the world.

She would be a big threat to Cindy Crawford and J.Lo’s beauty lines, and if she got a fashion deal, she could compete with Kim Kardashian’s Dolce & Gabbana ad.

This week, audio company Spotify told the Duchess of Sussex that they would not renew her podcast Archetypes for a second season. This was a mutual choice, and it could cost Meghan and Prince Harry $10 million.

If she takes the brand deals that are supposedly being offered to her, she could be worth “hundreds of millions of dollars.” It could even bring in as much money as Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Dolce & Gabanna has over the years. For example, Kim was paid $47 million just to wear a Dolce & Gabanna dress on her wedding day.